We are seeking candidates for the following positions:

Wait Staff

Members of the wait staff are primarily responsible for all services in the dining room: setting up before meals, cleaning up after meals and serving and clearing food. Wait staffers also help the kitchen staff in preparing items for the buffet. Typical shifts are 4 hours long beginning 1 hour before the meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts are distributed as evenly as possible to all wait staffers. Other responsibilities include ferry duty and an occasional Kitchen Assistant shift (see below).

Office Person/Wait Staff

Working in the office requires organizational and communications skills plus, basic computer knowledge. Duties include confirming reservations by phone, providing meal counts and special requests for the chef team, greeting guests and preparing weekly guest information packets. The office person works closely with the manager providing information as it is collected. Shifts in the office vary throughout the week, requiring about thirty hours per week, while other duties will fill the rest of the time throughout the week.

Children's Activity Person/Wait Staff

The Children's Activity Person is responsible for the two children's activity hours Monday through Friday, (9-10 am for ages 2-4 and 10-11 for ages 5 and above) and assists and coordinates the evening activities with the Tennis Person. The Children's Activity Person should have a familiarity with craft projects and be able to organize activities to engage children for the time provided. A positive, friendly and outgoing demeanor is essential to have success in the position. Other commitments on the staff will include wait shifts and ferry duties.

Island Person

The Island Person facilitates operations of the island and in general, should be "handy". Along with providing help for maintenance calls at guest cottages, daily responsibilities include gassing up boats and equipment, removing trash from the island, stocking the firewood bin and making a fire each morning in the main lodge. On Saturdays, the Island Person assists arriving and departing guests by transporting the luggage by boat to and from the cottages. Throughout the week the Island Person accepts all deliveries and is responsible for the two food deliveries and any odd tasks that could arise. Occasional heavy lifting, a helpful disposition, and a can do attitude are essential. License and transportation are preferred and mechanical and/or carpentry skills are a plus. Occasionally, the Island Person may be asked to drive to Waterville or Augusta for errands.

Tennis Person

The tennis person must be a proficient tennis player with ability to give lessons to children and hit with adults. Along with maintaining the three Har-Tru courts daily, the tennis person must also organize a weekly round-robin tournament, offer a children’s clinic and be available for play upon request. The tennis person also attends and helps organize the evening activity. While most duties will pertain to the tennis program, a few wait shifts, kitchen duties or ferry shifts may be assigned throughout the week as well.

Kitchen Assistant

Working primarily in the kitchen cleaning pots and pans and washing dishes, the KA is also responsible for putting away cookware, serving items and cleaning the kitchen after each meal. While not a glorious job, the KA works closely with the chef team and must follow all health and safety regulations required in the food service industry. An important position for sure, the KA has traditionally had a great time as a staffer!


Housekeeping duties begin at 8:00am. In guest occupied cottages, daily chores include making beds, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping and dusting. In common areas, cleaning is also required. On Wednesdays linens are changed and on Saturdays cottages are prepared for new arrivals. Typically, housekeeping responsibilities are complete by 11:30am. Wednesdays take a bit longer and expect to work a full day on Saturdays. Traditionally, housekeepers have commuted to the island rather than stay in staff cottages.

General Information

While the above listings provide general descriptions that comprise the Taconnet staff, we rely on a cooperative spirit to help make the employment experience great! Traditionally, the age range of a staff member has been from sixteen to about twenty-one.

This year, your nine week commitment starts on June 22 [training week] and ends the day after camp closes, which is August 25. Individual assignments and duties may be altered by the manager to accommodate the flexibility required in the service industry.

Our goal is in placing individuals in positions is to have your talent fully realized! We hope you will consider working with us.

Please send your resume to:

Taconnet on Great Pond
P.O. Box 238
Belgrade Lakes, Maine 04918

Applications may also be made on-line. Please use the form below.

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